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24 June 2007 @ 09:56 pm
The Havoc Legacy 2.2  
I know I haven't updated forever. I was having a little trouble getting my pictures right and I was just being really lazy. XD

Brianna got an A because she's a good little girl and does her homework.

Time for another baby?

Noah is such a pig.

But here he is being a good daddy, encouraging Brianna to be nice... because she previously had 1 nice point.


Leighanne's birthday! And yes, Adriana is pregnant again.

After a little make-over. She's not as pretty as Brianna was and she has almost no nose.

Come on! Say "mama!"

Adriana is being a good mother lately. Now she's helping Brianna with her homework.

If there are puddles in the bathroom, children will come.

And I think Noah got a promotion that day. It's funny how none of my sims ever go to hug the parents after work. They just stand there like idiots. XD

Time for the baby! In the bathroom!

A little boy, Jeremiah. He has his dad's hair and I think his mom's eyes.

I moved them to a different lot because I was getting tired of that gravel instead of grass.

Close-up of baby Jeremiah.

And here's Adriana holding little Leighanne.

Then this guy came over one day and started eating their food and harassing the children about sumo wrestlers.

See! Harassing the children I tell you! None of my sims know this guy!

I don't know why the kids always want to read the newspaper.

Demanding a bottle when she really isn't that hungry. She was kind of bratty as a toddler.

Everyone loves videogames!

Brianna is the creative one. She's always working on her creativity skill.

Leighanne's birthday!

After a bit of a make-over. Still not nearly as pretty as Brianna.

Jeremiah's birthday right after Leighanne's!

He's a cute toddler. :D

And another picture because Jeremiah's cute and Noah's got a twitchy eye.

The girls are spending time together, playing chess.

Aww. Leighanne is playing with Jeremiah. I wish toddlers and children had more interactions.

Adriana showing her good mothering skills again by tucking in Leighanne.

Leighanne: "Daddy taught me how to walk!"

Again with the video games! That's the first thing everyone wants to do!

Isn't Leighanne the studious one...

Brianna grows up into a teenager! She's still pretty. I didn't feel getting a cake.

She immediately takes out the mirror.

Strike a pose!

Awww! So cute! :D

Brianna likes this guy. Derrick or Dirk or something like that Dreamer.

So she immediately starts talking to him about how her sister is an alien. He agrees.

Such a good big sister...

Brianna: "Hello doggy! You're a lot cuter than my little sister."

Moar video games! lolz.

Jeremiah's birthday again! And there's that Sandy Bruty or whatever her name is in the background. Noah keeps bringing her home from work and she won't go away.

Another picture with the cake because it's cute! =D

He's still cute.

And at his first oppurtunity he goes for the video games.

Everyone had this want to get a car or dog, so I got them to adopt a dog. Her name is Lulu.

She's so dramatic.

I think this is the first time she's been to work since Brianna was born.

Oh, yay, Leighanne got an A!

Brianna wanted to get into Private School so I invited the Headmaster.

Noah then proceeded to catch the stove on fire while making dinner for the Headmaster. Let me remind you, he's in the culinary career track and has like 7 cooking skill points! They still got in, though. XD

Brianna and Leighanne (and Jeremiah is around there somewhere...) are off to their first day of Private School.

Close-up of Brianna. *coughheircough*

And I leave you with Brianna burning spaghetti or something.

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guidznick_xxx on June 25th, 2007 05:12 am (UTC)
Brianna is pretty cute :)
miaomiaochan on June 25th, 2007 06:24 pm (UTC)
Odd...I have an Adriana, Leighanne (spelled exactly the same way), and Brianna, and they also happen to be three of my favorite Sims! :)
Lindsay: light_legacyamethyststeam on June 26th, 2007 01:05 am (UTC)
Hehe, this legacy is really cute. :D I love your comments and Brianna tis awesome. ^^ Can't wait for the next update. :))